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February 15, 2018


An unprecedented $80 million campaign will enable the Army to build and endow two new facilities with programs designed to bring men, women, and families in need from Homeless to Home.

This dream is made possible thanks to a $50 million gift from Ernest & Evelyn Rady. The Salvation Army is seeking to raise an additional $30 million for these two new facilities, The Rady Residence at The Door of Hope Rady Campus and The Rady Center at our Centre City Campus in downtown San Diego.

The gift will support construction of the new 32-unit Rady Residence at The Door of Hope, which will enable The Salvation Army to help two-parent families for the first time, in addition to the single mothers, children, single women and women in recovery who currently live and participate in programs at The Door of Hope.

A second facility, the Rady Center for single men, will be built downtown after The Salvation Army raises the additional $30 million to complete the capital campaign. Details on the plans to raise the remaining $30 million have not been finalized, but the Radys expressed their utmost confidence in The Salvation Army.

Their donation to The Salvation Army goes on record as one of the largest charitable gifts ever given to support homelessness and the third largest donation in the Army’s 153-year history.

San Diego County is currently home to the fourth largest homeless population in the country, with 62 percent unsheltered. The  Army in San Diego County helps more than 267,000 ( about 8% of the population) of the people in the community each year, and its current downtown program boasts a 78 percent success rate in returning participants to permanent housing.

The Army's approach to human services and helping people transition from Homeless to Home is faith-based and inspired by the recognition that meaningful transformation must come from the inside out. Its holistic programming approach meets immediate human needs while offering ongoing support by assisting with food, shelter, educational support, counseling services, rehabilitation programs and vocational direction. 

To learn more about giving, contact: 

Michele Prosser,,                   619-446-0276

Camille McKinnie,,             619-446-0259

Debbie Rossi,,                           619-446-0291


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