Building Men from the Ground Up

Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers

Pallasena Hariharan - “Harry”

Pallasena Hariharan “Harry” enjoyed a happy marriage and professional success working at the U.S. State Department until he developed an addiction to alcohol. His alcohol abuse resulted in the dissolution of his marriage and the loss of his job. Soon Harry found himself financially, mentally, physically and spiritually bankrupt, and he tried to kill himself. 

Harry came to the ARC four years ago and is now clean, soft-spoken, hard-working and organized, and acting as the supervisor of the housewares department of the store. He’s getting ready to move on. 

The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers run on the sentiment that “man may be down but he’s never out.” And despite feelings of misery, despair and hopelessness, the Army’s path of spiritual, emotional and physical transformation can bring a man from his lowest point to a point of confidence, self-esteem and eternal salvation.

To read Harry's story of redemption and learn more about The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers, visit The Salvation Army National Headquarters' blog.


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