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December Destiny

Peter Zybert met the moment that would alter his path one Christmas.

A series of events led Peter Zybert to a life-changing encounter with God and The Salvation Army.

Christmas 2013 was a season that Peter Zybert will always remember. That December, he found his destiny through a born-again and restorative encounter with Jesus Christ.

“My first contact with The Salvation Army was actually in 2004, when I was helping as a volunteer sorting donations in Babylon, New York on Long Island,” Peter explains.

“But that only lasted for several months and I got bored and thought I had ‘more important’ things to do.”

Unfortunately for Peter, he fell into what he now calls “a vortex of new friends, alcohol, and women” that very nearly spelled his end. This downward digression lasted for nearly 10 years.

Then in December 2013, as he lay drunk on a couch, Peter thought he was hallucinating when he heard a voice telling him, “Enough already; Peter, you have to do something about this!”

“I thought I had too much to drink, and that I was just imagining this, but the voice repeated several time,” Peter insists.

A further command told him, “Tomorrow morning, you are to get in your car and drive northward.” The next day, he started his car and headed north. But on the way he found nowhere to buy liquor and he became violently ill.

“I made it to Warwick, New York and called the police,” he continues. “When the officer arrived I told him I had a problem with alcohol, that I felt very ill, and wondered if he could take me to the hospital.”

It turns out that Peter had to remain in the hospital for five days, and when he was discharged, he was sent to a 10-day rehab center.

“Toward the end of my 10 days my counselor asked me if I wanted to continue therapy—and that I was ready for a long-term stay in an institution,” he says.

When he realized he could possibly go to The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in Poughkeepsie, Peter felt it was a perfect “fit”—perhaps remembering his brief stint with the Army a decade before.

“My counselor phoned Major Carol Saunders Austin (ARC administrator at the time) and I talked to Mrs. Major for about 30 minutes. She approved my admission to the ARC and my recovery really began!”

Peter Zybert is a soldier of the Poughkeepsie Corps in upstate New York.

Peter became gloriously saved and is now a uniformed soldier of the Poughkeepsie Corps. His sole desire it to help others find their way back to recovery and to salvation in Christ.

Absent his addiction, Peter could be making good money. He has two Bachelor and two Masters Degrees, several diplomas in various fields of science, and can speak seven languages. But it’s not about all that, he cautions.

Peter only wants from the Lord those things he truly needs.

“The Lord restored me, protects me, nourishes and dresses me,” Peter asserts. “I have everything I need. So I don’t chase earthly prosperity, but for the happiness and eternal life which is promised to me through Christ!”

Peter continues to realize his December Destiny. It is an ongoing process, and the road hasn’t been easy. But this time he is armed with a steadfast faith in Christ.

“I’ve found that faith and prayer are the keys to making the impossible possible,” Peter says, “even though the process can be very slow and even if our faith is very small.

“Jesus said that faith as tiny as a mustard seed can move mountains!” (Matthew 17:20).

Major Frank Duracher, Assistant Editor, USA National Publications


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