Female Ministry: Woman's Right to Preach the Gospel

Catherine Booth (1829–1890) the “Army Mother,” was behind many of the changes in The Salvation Army, contributing viewpoints on many important issues and matters of belief. Here is an excerpt from her 23-page book published in 1859 in London. The full text is available via the link provided. 

Jesus said to the two Marys, “All hail! And they came and held Him by the feet, and worshipped Him. Then said Jesus unto them, Be not afraid: go, tell My brethren that they go before Me into Galilee” (Matthew 28: 9-10). There are two or three points in this beautiful narrative to which we wish to call the attention of our readers.

First, it was the first announcement of the glorious news to a lost world and a company of forsaking disciples. Second, it was as public as the nature of the case demanded; and intended ultimately to be published to the ends of the earth. Third, Mary was expressly commissioned to reveal the fact to the apostles; and thus she literally became their teacher in that memorable occasion. Oh, glorious privilege, to be allowed to herald the glad tidings of a Savior risen! How could it be that our Lord chose a woman to this honor? Well, one reason might be that the male disciples were all missing at the time. They all forsook Him and fled. But woman was there, as she had ever been, ready to minister to her risen, as to her dying Lord— “Not she with traitorous lips her Savior stung, Not she denied Him with unholy tongue; She, whilst apostles shrunk, could danger brave; Last at the cross, and earliest at the grave.” But surely, if the dignity of our Lord and His message were likely to be imperiled by committing this sacred trust to a woman, He who was guarded by legions of angels could have commanded another messenger; but, as if intent on doing her honor and rewarding her unwavering fidelity, He reveals Himself first to her; and, as an evidence that He had taken out of the way the curse under which she had so long groaned, nailing it to His cross, He makes her who had been first in the transgression, first also in the glorious knowledge of complete redemption.
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