God's Not Dead — A Light in the Darkness

New film is the "most socially relevant faith movie of the year"

John Corbett and David A.R. White portray brothers Pearce and Dave.
Robert Hackman

The third installment of the popular Christian-genre film series, God’s Not Dead, is now in theaters nationwide. God’s Not Dead: A Light In Darkness pleads with movie goers to “Be The Light—Share The Light!”

This film is the most socially relevant faith movie of the year. In the midst of our ever-darkening culture comes a unique outreach program offered by Pure Flix for officers, ministers, corps, churches, and faith-based organizations.

David A.R. White (Reverend Dave) and Benjamin Onyango (Reverend Jude) in the highly anticipated Pure Flix film, God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness.
2018 Pure Flix Entertainment LLC

After a deadly fire rips through St. James Church, Hadleigh University leaders use the tragedy to push the congregation off campus, forcing the church to defend its rights—and bringing together estranged brothers for a reunion that opens old wounds and forces them to address the issues that pulled them apart.

Written and directed by Michael Mason, God’s Not Dead: A Light In Darkness features a star-studded cast, including David A.R. White, John Corbett, Gregory Alan Williams, Ted McGinley, Shane Harper, Jennifer Taylor, and Benjamin Onyango, with special appearances by Dr. Cissy Houston and Tatum O’Neal.

(Ieft to right) John Corbett, David A.R. White, Ted McGinley and Tatum O’Neal
Robert Hacman

The movie, which opened during Holy Week, is a powerful reminder that in all circumstances, we are called to be a light for Jesus in a world in desperate need of hope.

Now playing in theaters. https://godsnotdead.pureflix.com

Major Frank Duracher, Assistant Editor, National Publications


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