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Homeless Veteran Has Sight Restored

In Hawaii, blind Desert Storm vet sees end to his plunge into darkness.

Mark, a veteran of Desert Storm, developed severe cataracts in both eyes, nearly blinding him, which caused him to lose his job, his housing, and his way of life.

Suddenly homeless on the Hawaiian island of Maui, Mark would walk 23 miles—one way—to the local VA center to try to get help with his almost non-existent vision.

Then he would walk the same 23 miles back.

He would go to sleep at night, wake up in the morning, and do it all again. Every day. For three years. What made him spend every day repeating this same, seemingly futile exercise?

Take a look at Mark’s story to find out why, and how The Salvation Army was able to help him through it.

Courtesy of SAVN.TV


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