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September 8, 2017

Millions Left Homeless from Floods in South Asia

Relief teams and distribution centers provide essentials

One of the distribution centers in India.

AFTER weeks of relentless monsoon downpours, vast parts of India, Bangladesh and Nepal more than 40 million people have been affected by flooding. Many of them have lost their homes and livelihoods and, with essential service facilities being overwhelmed, people’s lives are in immediate danger.  

Salvation Army emergency relief teams have set up distribution points to provide basic necessities.

In the Chittagong area, Bangladesh, funding has been received to start building houses for those who lost everything during the initial landslide as a result of the heavy rain.

The Salvation Army’s India Western Territory has mobilized its forces with flood relief teams distributing kits in affected areas to 2,200 families, including approximately 4,400 adults and 5,600 children. Kits contained essentials such as rice, wheat flower, toor dal, oil, sugar, tea, salt, spices and vegetables, such as onions and potatoes.

Funds have been made available by The Salvation Army's International Headquarters to meet the most pressing needs while assessments continue. Working in cooperation with other non-governmental organizations, The Salvation Army will continue to assist flood victims, providing food and survival equipment. Donations are being sought to enable a wider-scale response.

General André Cox, international leader of The Salvation Army, said: "I ask once again for Salvationists and friends to give prayer and practical support for the relief efforts of yet another catastrophic disaster."

Donations to the South Asia Disaster Appeal can be made online: click here

Report by IHQ Communications International Headquarters


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