"My Pillow" Founder Supports Salvation Army

Mike Lindell sleeps well at night not just because he uses his invention “My Pillow,” but also because he’s at peace with his life, forever dreaming up new ways to help thousands of people.

The Salvation Army is one of Lindell’s recent beneficiaries. He has donated 1,000 My Pillows to people served by the Army’s housing programs in Minnesota’s Twin Cities of Minneapolis–St. Paul.

“That’s enough to give one pillow to each of the 900 people we house every night,” said Major Jeff Strickler, Twin Cities Salvation Army commander. “This is an incredible blessing.”

 “God has given me an amazing platform,” said Lindell, a lifelong Minnesotan and devout Christian.

Not long ago, God gave Lindell something else that’s amazing: grace that rescued him from his darkest days of drug addiction.

Intervention Required

Lindell has a soft spot for The Salvation Army because it helps people fight addiction. He knows the battle well. Lindell abused heavy drugs much of his life, starting with cocaine in 1982. He switched to crack cocaine in the late 1990s. By spring 2008, his drug use had gotten so bad that his three crack dealers got together and attempted an intervention because they were so shocked by his downward spiral.

Lindell’s drug abuse finally ended Jan. 16, 2009. “I knew that if I didn’t quit that day, I wouldn’t be able to make the most of what was happening in my life,” Lindell said. “I couldn’t wait. Not even one more day.”

With that, he prayed.

“I asked God to take away my desire to do drugs,” Lindell said. “I said, ‘Take it away, and I’m all yours.’ The next morning, the desire was gone. “Everything was gone. I woke up and felt the most peaceful I ever have.”

He’s been sober ever since.

"My Pillow" the early years.

Lindell began developing My Pillow in the early 2000s. Before his turnaround, My Pillow had been gaining traction. As he sold the product at trade shows and state fairs and people who tried the pillow loved it, he knew he was on to something.

Making Good on His Promise

From the moment Lindell gave his life to God in 2009, My Pillow began experiencing one success after another. At one point, Lindell owed $30,000 to the only manufacturer of a fabric needed to create a My Pillow. A chance meeting with someone several weeks earlier led to investors backing him so he could make 500 My Pillows and sell them to remain afloat.

Today, after several years of ups, downs and growing pains, Lindell and his company have hit full stride. The company now boasts 400 employees manufacturing 25,000 pillows a day at the My Pillow factory in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Most importantly, Lindell continues to make good on the “I’m all yours” promise he made to God almost seven years ago. The Lindell Foundation supports programs for people battling addiction, as well as for cancer victims, veterans, active duty military members and others in need. It even serves as a help center for My Pillow employees. In one case, Lindell found out one of his employees was walking 14 miles to work. “We used the foundation to buy him a car,” Lindell said. “He was leaving his house at 3 a.m. to get to work at 6 a.m. That’s dedication. That’s the kind of employee any company wants.”

After beating his 25-year drug addiction and starting a multi-million dollar pillow company from nothing, Lindell has just one thing to say: “With God, all things are possible.”

Excerpted from an article by Craig Dirkes, writer/photographer for the Salvation Army's Northern Division with headquarters in Roseville, MN. Find the full article at http://salvationarmynorth.org/news/


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