New Apartments Support Services to Veterans

New apartments at the Bell Shelter in California helps veterans achieve a better quality of life.

John Docter

Just as Christ sacrificed Himself for the sake of others, our veterans have made tremendous sacrifices for the sake of our freedom. Since World War II, The Salvation Army has recognized those sacrifices and worked hard to support veterans. Efforts to aid veterans began with the work of the Donut Girls, who risked their lives to minister to soldiers near the front lines. Efforts continue today through programs, residences and rehabilitation centers around the country, such as at a homeless shelter just outside the city limits of Los Angeles.

John Docter

Bell Shelter operates a comprehensive program that offers transitional care for up to 350 homeless men and women. The goal of Bell Shelter is to meet the needs of the homeless population by addressing the myriad of reasons why people become homeless and assisting them in developing a higher quality of life through independence. 

John Docter

Services include:

  • Life Skills Program: Clients address the emotional and psychological barriers to escaping homelessness and learn to overcome them.
  • Job Search Assistance:Clients are assisted in procuring meaningful employment. Computer access is available for job searching. Job referrals are offered.
  • Veterans:Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program & Supportive Services for Veteran Families.
  • Individual and Group Counseling:Psychological help is provided through collaboration with ENKI mental health services (http://www.ehrs.com).
  • Neurofeedback Program: Non-invasive way of treating PTSD for veterans and victims of violence.
  • Mobile Medical Services:Available to clients at Bell Shelter twice a week, this service offers on-site health care and medical referrals.
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Transitional Housing 
  • Substance Abuse Rehabilitation
  • Case Management
  • HIV/AIDS Education

John Docter

Adjacent to the Bell Shelter is a forward-looking rapid re-housing project. Formally dedicated on September 27, the Donald and Priscilla Hunt Apartments at Bell Oasis offer formerly homeless individuals the chance to begin new lives of hope and restoration in a clean, safe and nurturing environment. The development consists of 64 affordable housing units, including 43 reserved for veterans. Residents have full access to The Salvation Army’s social services and programs located across the street at the larger Bell Shelter campus. The completion of the apartment complex was made possible thanks to the generosity of corporate partners such as The Home Depot Foundation, which awarded a $400,000 grant to the project. 


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