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September 21, 2016

Justin Forsett Supports Flood Relief in Louisiana

The Ravens' running back displays character on and off the field

Over the past month, businesses, organizations and individuals have reached out to The Salvation Army to see how they could do their part in relief efforts for victims of the historic flooding in parts of Louisiana in August. Nine of the state’s parishes were declared federal disaster areas, about 30,000 people were rescued from their homes, about 100,000 homes were damaged and many residents lost electrical power and were in need of supplies and provisions. Baltimore Ravens Running Back Justin Forsett was among the many to lend support. He made a generous donation to the flood relief effort in Louisiana. Arriving in Baton Rouge, he toured the distribution center with Major Stephen Morris, leader of the Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana Division. He took time during his visit to collect supplies for a local woman in need.

Justin toured the distribution center with Major Stephen Morris and took time during his visit to collect supplies for a local woman in need.

“I was put on this earth for more than just football; I’m a husband, a community member and I’m here to do God’s work. It’s important for us to be here for one another,” explained Forsett.

As he was walking out of the Distribution Center, he asked two women waiting in line if he could speak with them about their circumstances. Then, holding each of their hands, he asked God to protect them, to watch over them and comfort them through this difficult time.

Thank you, Justin Forsett, for taking the time to help those in need and for sharing the love of Christ in others around you.

Adapted from a press release by Erin Campbell,


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