Reflections of Bangladesh

New life comes when our stories connect us around the world.

April Foster, Others USA, Bangladesh.

You can't be in Bangladesh without being inspired. It's the stories of people that do that for me more than anything else. Every place we visited, we sat and listened, and in that listening, our minds and our hearts were profoundly touched. 

When you sit alongside a woman and watch as she makes something beautiful with her hands and tells you her story it's like that product is given life by her story. And we saw things coming to life every day in Bangladesh.

So as I reflect on this time in Bangladesh, I am grateful for new life. New life that comes when our stories connect us around the world. New life that comes when men and women are given opportunity to work. New life that comes as we experience the love of God when people gather together.

Bangladesh has woven a thread of their story into my life and my story is much more beautiful because of that.

April Foster is the director of the Army's Others - Trade for Hope program, a global social enterprise linking local markets with global opportunities. 


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