The Best Gifts Are Invisible

They help children experience joy and know that they have something to give

This ornament activity started at the Topeka, KS Corps for children who couldn’t afford to buy Christmas presents. It helps children understand that invisible gifts, the kind Jesus gives, are the best gifts of all. 

Directions:  Use a large can of pumpkin pie filling to draw a circle on a piece of paper. Cut out the circle and let each child choose an invisible gift from the following list. Once they choose a color and write a word, make a small hole and run a piece of yarn through for hanging the ornament.  Help the children to make enough ornaments for teachers and family and for their own tree. 

Mercy, Strength, Companionship, Joy, Healing, Freedom, Truth, Faith, Life, Purity, Hope, Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Comfort

May every child in the world realize they have something to give. May every family in the world decorate their tree, their home and their church with the same invisible gifts Jesus longs to give each of us.

JOY to the world and especially to the children He loves.

Charles White is a retired pre-school teacher and web editor of bibleparent.com.  For more activities, Bible memory cards, coloring pages and crafts for children visit bibleparent.com/holidays.asp.


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