The Wrong Number

God always knows what He is doing, even if the caller doesn't

My cellphone vibrated after I had just returned home from a wonderful church service that Sunday, alerting me to a text message.  I did not recognize the number. The message was, “We are on our way to Nashville. Looks like we are having a baby!”

 “Congratulations," I replied. "Be careful on your drive and I will pray for you to have a safe trip and a healthy delivery. By the way, who is this?” The next message was, “LOL this is Charles, do you know me now?” 

 “No, I think you are texting the wrong number. But I have prayed for you. God bless.” I laughed it off and went on with what I was doing. 

The next day, I received a text message from the same number. It read, “Thank you so much for your prayers. On our way to Nashville, an 18-wheeler ran us off the road.  But we are all fine and we have a beautiful daughter!” 

God always knows what he is doing. He knew that I would not ignore the call and he knew I would actually pray for this young family that I did not know. I have no doubt that prayer saved the family from something terrible.

I don’t know if the couple were Christians or not. I never heard from them again. But I believe God touched them that day. Our job as Christians is to plant seeds. I hope that I planted a seed of Christian compassion. I still pray for the family. I pray that they will always know that God cares for them. He even cares enough that He put them in the path of an obedient Christian. Some day they may get a message from a wrong number and I know if they do, they will stop a moment to pray.

Pam German resides in Byhalia, MS.


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