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June 9, 2016

What do Americans Believe About Poverty?

In March, The Salvation Army commissioned Research Now, a global leader in data collection, to conduct a poll to gain insights into the American public’s perception of poverty. Results are from responses of 1,226 people (18+) in every state of the country, with a +/- 3 percent margin for error.

  • 76.6% of Americans believe there are more or the same amount of people living in poverty as compared with four years ago.

  • 79.3% want presidential candidates to have specific plans to combat poverty.

  • 55.2% personally know someone they consider to be living in poverty.

  • 30.7% have received financial assistance.

  • 89.5% believe it is difficult or somewhat difficult to escape poverty

  • 39.9% believe poverty is a generational issue.

  • 25% believe the main cause of poverty is laziness and a lack of work ethic.

  • More than half of Americans believe nonprofits and social service providers should help people living in poverty

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