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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Heidi Schilt, a new soldier of the Green Bay Kroc, WI, hopes to combine her experience as a registered nurse with her love of serving others.

It didn’t take long for Heidi Schilt to buy into the mission and ministry of The Salvation Army at the Green Bay Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center. Initially just looking for a place to workout, she took a tour of the complex and fell in love with everything going on. About a month later she discovered if to also include a place to worship and serve others.

Although she considers herself a “people person,” she admits she is shy, so her involvement now as a soldier is helping her overcome.

“This is a wonderful place to be,” Heidi says, adding that a love for the Lord she’s always felt has been intensified since her introduction to the Army at the Kroc.

“Majors Bob and Lisa (Mueller) were among the first people I met on my first Sunday, and I felt right at home.”

Heidi enjoyed her membership in a local church, but felt kind of lost in the crowd. She began attending that church just after her divorce, and found that her faith in God got stronger, as well as her desire to learn as much as she can about His Word.

But here at the Kroc, she adds, you come as you are and everybody knows your name. She feels accepted, “like family.”

Heidi’s love of Bible study also grew at Concordia University (Mequon, Wisconsin); a Lutheran-based school where she completed her BSN Degree in 2015. “Among the core requirements at Concordia were some Bible classes,” she adds, explaining that her studies of the Scripture only fueled her appreciation of the Bible and her understanding of it.

Heidi Schilt (right) felt at "home" on her first Sunday of worship at the Green Bay Kroc Corps, when she met Major Lisa Mueller.

“I love the Gospel of Luke the most,” she says, “because of the Parables and that Luke is the only Gospel to give such a detailed account of the birth of Jesus.”

Heidi also served four years in the US Army Reserves, becoming a Specialist E-4 in the Nursing Corps.

After graduation from Concordia, she worked as an OR nurse, and later in dialysis.

Heid's heart is in Green Bay, including being an ardent Packers fan.

Heidi works for United Healthcare as case manager over the phone with members needing dialysis.

Now that she’s a committed Salvationist, she would like to participate “in two or three” mission trips through The Salvation Army overseas.

“I would love to utilize my nursing experience in tandem with my service to the Lord,” Heidi says.

She would also love to learn how to approach people to share her testimony, and to accomplish that she is hoping to attend the National Seminar of Evangelism (NSE) in Glen Eyrie, Colorado very soon. She believes several other soldiers in the Kroc Corps would be interested as well.

Looking back at the tour she took of the Green Bay Kroc, Heidi couldn’t have known how her new association would change the direction of her life.

“Everything I saw was wonderful,” she says. “And I’m sure they must have mentioned something about church services available on Sundays—but I wasn’t looking for that so it didn’t register.”

Well, it’s registering now. Heidi is “100%” a Salvationist, and a qualified medical professional.


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